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As an Australian based educator, I was wondering if/when this would be available outside the US?

Good afternoon @Sking - great question! While Visual Studio Code for Education is currently in Preview and gathering feedback primarily in the United States, we would welcome your feedback and experience(s)! Join in today at https://vscodeedu.com!

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to try any of the courses yet. I get stuck in and endless signing in loop when I try to start a course. I will speak to the IT department at my college to see if this is an issue at our end.

VS Code for Education is now GA (Generally Available) and out of Preview!

If you experience issues connecting to VS Code for Education, check out our Domains tool at https://vscodeedu.com/domains. If any of the domains show a “Failed” status, consider reaching out to your technology department or network administrator to ensure they are unblocked. While the “Optional” domains are not required, certain features may be unavailable until they are unblocked.

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