I would like to start using Visual Studio Code for Education in my classroom. How do I get started?

We are actively recruiting participants for the Pilot Program of VS Code for Education. Please click here to apply if you:

  • Are a US-based educator teaching Introduction to Python during the 2023-24 academic year
  • Are willing to teach at least part of your course with VS Code for Education
  • Can actively contribute to our Educator Professional Learning Community (PLC), including providing feedback on you and your students’ experiences with VS Code for Education, as well as participating in customer research calls with Microsoft and other Pilot-participating educators.

I submitted the Form to requesting to join the Visual Studio Code for Education pilot. How long does it take to hear back?

Thanks for your message @frankie.clark and welcome to the Community! You can begin using VS Code for EDU in your classroom right away. The pilot sign-up that you completed will provide access to email updates, this community, as well as educator resources as we make them available. To start using VS Code for EDU, please visit Visual Studio Code for Education or https://vscodeedu.com.

UPDATE: VS Code for Education is now GA (Generally Available) and no longer in Preview.

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Okay, thanks. The Ed “pilot” version of VSC doesn’t provide the ability to create classes, enroll students, or assign student Projects? Are those features likely slated for the future dev roadmap?

Yes, we’re working on educator resources and tools in the next set of work on VS Code for EDU. We post all of our updates and upcoming features in the Announcements section as well as on the What’s New page on the website.

Beyond those listed in your post @frankie.clark, we always invite feature suggestions in the Community in the ideas channel, as well as on our Feedback survey.

Awesome, thanks for the update.

Please keep in mind LTI tools interoperability with Learning Management Systems like Canvas (Instructure). It is a major missing element to blended/online instruction and assigning and grading IDE/coding work in an LMS system. Having VSC for Education integrated into Canvas would be awesome.

(github offers a basic integration with Canvas, but it’s UI and execution falls short of the mark).

Absolutely @frankie.clark also waiting for the authoring and learner/class management tools to be made available. Also hoping for deep integration with MS Teams for education. I think it’s going ti be a great product when released.

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Hi Adam,
I got an email stating that I have been approved but still getting an error to access resources to teach Python in my classroom. Please help & suggest.
Thanks in advance.
Sat Arora
YCIS of Beijing

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Thanks for your note @SatArora, I just cleared things up for your account.

Thanks @asmeets. You are a star!

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