Offline Access

Hello, I work for a college that provides education to incarcerated individuals and I was wondering. Is there is way of installing these courses to an offline desktop version of VS Code?

If not, we’ll be moving to a whitelisted network for internet access soon. But I’m not sure how this would work for us because the students would need an account to save progress.

Thanks for you Help,
Brandon Henness

Thanks for the great question, @Brandon.Henness (Brandon),

At this time, VS Code for Education does require an internet connection in order to access the most up-to-date curricular resources and lessons. I’ve added your feedback to an existing feature request for offline desktop access to the curriculum:

For the whitelisting, would you like the list of domains that are needed to be “accessible” to connect to the courses?

Thanks again -

Thanks for the reply Adam, a list of domains would be great.

Brandon Henness

@Brandon.Henness we’re working on a page that will automatically test and confirm access to the required locations, but in the interim, here’s a summary of the required and optional domains:

VS Code for Education Web Application

Microsoft Authentication

Product Telemetry (optional)

Settings Sync (optional)

Looping back on the site access requirements listed above, we now have a web page that will automatically test connectivity to the various required and optional web addresses: Visual Studio Code for Education.

If any of the domains show a “Failed” status, consider reaching out to your technology department or network administrator to ensure they are unblocked. While the “Optional” domains are not required, certain features may be unavailable until they are unblocked.