A new era in coding and education

For early adopters and those new to the Community, today, we are moving Visual Studio Code for Education. out of preview and into general availability! Today marks the day when we’re thrilled to cut the digital ribbon and announce release of our latest product to empower the next generation of developers.

Visual Studio Code for Education is a free online computer science education platform that provides integrated curriculum and a sandbox coding environment for everyone. With zero setup, anyone can be a developer and start learning to code with Visual Studio (VS) Code, the code editor preferred by software development professionals around the world.

Visual Studio Code for Education was designed by educators, for educators. As part of an Advisory Board, a group of a dozen educators worked with the engineering and design teams to provide feedback and guidance on computer science education as the product was being developed. We continue to work with CS educators as we explore new features and curricula. Learn more about the Advisory Board, access educator resources, and join fellow learners and educators at the Visual Studio Code for Education Community.

Get started with Visual Studio Code for Education and see how it can be a valuable resource in preparing students for the future!

Sign-up and join a FREE Professional Learning workshop

As you plan your professional learning, be sure to sign up for one of our free “Getting Started with Visual Studio Code for Education” or other course-specific webinars. Check out our events and workshops for educators to sign up and learn more about the professional learning opportunities available.

Getting started with Visual Studio Code for Education

It’s quick and easy to get started teaching with Visual Studio Code for Education:

  1. Open a web browser to https://vscodeedu.com
  2. Sign in using a Microsoft or Google account.
  3. Browse the catalog of courses to select a full course or coding activity to follow along with or create your own website or Python project.

To verify connectivity and access to Visual Studio Code for Education on your school network, we encourage you to visit our Domains and Connectivity tool.