Accessing VS Code for Education Curriculum Resources

We are thrilled to see your interest in the Visual Studio Code for Education curriculum resources and educator forums. To maintain the integrity of resources for educators and students, we have implemented a verification process for educators.

To become a verified educator in the Community:

  1. Verify Your Email: Ensure your school/organization email is listed on your “User Account” page. If not, please add it as an alternate to your personal email.


  2. Update Your Profile: Visit the “Profile” tab on the same User Account page and confirm your school/organization details, including a link to your staff/faculty profile or directory.


  3. Join Verified Educators: Navigate to the “Verified Educators” group page and click on the “Request” button to submit your application.


Manual Review Process: Each account request is manually reviewed by our team to ensure the integrity of our educational community. Once your request is submitted, please allow us some time to process it. You will receive a follow-up email with a status update and next steps.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to create a supportive and resourceful environment for educators like you.