September 2023 Release

In the September 2023 update, our spotlight was on elevating accessibility and performance within Visual Studio Code for Education. Enhancements were made to optimize the code editor and terminal for screen reader compatibility, refine keyboard navigation, and boost the visibility of images and text through improved contrast. Additionally, we’ve accelerated the loading times for course materials and revised the completion time estimates for all lessons and units to better reflect actual completion time.

And that’s not all - we’ve also taken care of more than 45 bugs. These updates involve fixing those reported bugs, enhancing lesson and curriculum materials, and making things even better for accessibility, profiles, and assessments. So keep the feedback coming!

We want to give a big shout-out to all the amazing educators and learners who have been a part of this journey. Your valuable feedback and bug-spotting skills have been incredibly helpful in making these improvements. Thank you for your continued support!