Webinar on 2nd July Permission Denied

Hi there I attended the excellent webinar this week and have just received the link to the recording, but I’m getting a ‘You don’t have access’ :frowning:

I used the same email address as the one I signed up with. Any ideas anyone?

Cheers Andrew

Hi @FormaServe, thanks for your note. I pre-loaded email addresses in for access; however, if you’re still having a permissions error, there should be a button that says to request access. I’ll jump on that once I receive it so that you can view the recording.

Thanks again for joining us!!

Adam (@asmeets)

Still no joy. Tried another browser, and private mode, no joy. tried our sons house in case our firewall was blocking it, still no joy. I wanted to watch to clarify a point I made during the session. You were talking about having an educational email address. I asked if I needed an edu to join the project, of which I havent. the moderator replied along the lines of ‘not at the moment will it stop you being an educator’ Will my onmicrosoft email account be able to access educator resources? I am about to start teaching local service veterans python in the evenings, and this just seems a great opportunity. Thanks for your help.

HI Andrew (@FormaServe) - thanks for your note and I’ll send out another direct invitation to the recording for you. You do not need to have an educational email address to use VS Code for Education.

To access the Verified Educator community, we just need to be sure that any accounts that request access are affiliated with a program or school - since the resources are intended for instructors. If you can share a link to the program via private message or email (adamsmeets@microsoft.com) I’m happy to approve the account to the EDU resources in the community