Spooky Manor

Welcome, brave adventurer, to the chilling world of Spooky Manor!

haunted house GIF

It’s a dark and misty night :crescent_moon:. You and your three friends (Kathleen, Collins and Hazel) have just left the movie theater, and you stumble upon an eerie mansion that you’ve never noticed before. Drawn by curiosity and a touch of bravery, you and your friends decide to walk up to the front door.

Little do you know, this house holds many secrets beyond your wildest imaginations :crystal_ball:. As you step through its creaking doors, you’ll soon discover that the Spooky Manor is anything but ordinary.

Your mission is clear! Using VS Code for EDU and this text-based Python adventure game, explore the shadowy depths of the Manor, rescue your friends who have mysteriously vanished, uncover hidden secrets :mag_right:, and outsmart the “always on the move” owners :ghost::ghost::ghost: of the house. But beware, not all is as it seems… :scream:

With the clock ticking :clock12: and the darkness of night closing in, can you reunite with your friends, uncover the manor’s secrets, and make a spine-tingling escape before the first light of dawn breaks?

Get ready for a thrilling adventure in the Spooky Manor - your adventure begins now!

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